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Pet: Our pet price is $3000. 

         Our SHOW quality price is $3200

         Cashmere Pets TBA


        Price includes a kitten package and carrier for local buyers.

   Interstate buyers to organise their own crate and transport from my home to theirs. I can recommend  transport companies.

        Please ask to be placed on a waitlist.

There is a $300 deposit to reserve your kitten, once chosen, with the Remainder of money due, in cash, at pickup. 

         Deposits will be returned, ONLY, if there is a medical condition with the kitten. In this case either deposit refunded or an offer of another kitten.




          Entire kittens/cat prices $5500-$6500.

           Cashmere Entires TBA


          Please ask for an application Form


          Transport and crate to be organised by the purchasing breeder from my house to theirs. 




Deposit: $300 once your kitten has been chosen.


Bengals are very energetic and vocal. If left alone for long periods of time can become very bored. We suggest a second kitten for company.

Only under certain circumstances will kittens be allowed to stay past their pick up date and there will be a $20 per day charge included.



• Litter box trained

• Registered pedigree papers provided.

• Kitten Package (local only)

• Kittens are rehomed from 12 weeks


Kittens come with the following:


• Health checked by a registered Vet

• Vaccinated

• Desexed

• Flea free and worm treated

• Microchipped


LOCAL BUYERS picking up their Kitten.




Two days of food to get you started

Assorted Toys

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