Bengal Breeders in Victoria, Australia

Pet: Our pet prices are $2800


        Price includes a kitten package and carrier for local buyers and a 

        kitten crate, a travel blanket and toy for interstate buyers.


BREEDER PRICES: Females priced at $5000

                                  Males priced at $5500 


PLEASE FILL OUT THE APPLICATION FORM, LOCATED AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE, and we will send you out an information Sheet to fill out and return with a $100 security bond. 


Deposit: When your kitten is born, we will require a further $400 to reserve your kitten.

                Balance of money will be due ONE WEEK prior to delivery of kitten.


Bengals are very energetic and vocal. If left alone for long periods of time can become very bored.

If you are considering buying two bengal kittens for companionship the price may be reduced slightly.

Only under certain circumstances will kittens be allowed to stay past their pick up date and there will be a $20 per day charge included.


 #### KITTENS AVAILABLE September ####   

• Litter box trained

• Registered pedigree papers provided if asked for.

• Kitten Package (local only)

• Kittens are rehomed from 12 weeks

• Delivery service can be arranged (for a fee).     

Kittens come with the following:


• Health check x 2

• Vaccinations x 2

• Desexed

• Flea free and worm treated

• Microchipped






Litter tray

Two days of food to get you started

Assorted Toys


PP20 Carry Cage

Cuddle Blanket